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Chiboy biography: Chiboy is a Nigeria popular Content creator, Actor, and Youtuber. Chiboy is an actor in lightweight entertainment.

Chiboy is well known in salina tested and also acts in many web series movies such as Yahoo family, military street, and others.

On this webpage, I will discuss chiboy biography and net worth and career, and education.

Chiboy biography

Chiboy Early Life

Chiboy real name is ND famous Patrick ( 30 April 1989 ) he was born and raised in Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria.

Chiboy Attended primary school and secondary school in Owerri, IMO state, Nigeria.

Chiboy is an ND and HND graduate of Mass Communication from Federal Polytechnic,
Nekede Owerri, Abia State, Nigeria

Chiboy Career

Chiboy is a popular character in salina tested. He is one strongest names in the movie.

Chiboy is an actor and director, he was featured in and act many movies such as yahoo family, ugly story, military Street, and others.

Chiboy Girlfriend

Chiboy is single and not searching.

Chiboy Phone Number


Chiboy Tribe


Chiboy Net Worth

The popular salina-tested actor and director famous Patrick aka chiboy has a net worth estimated to be around $50,000