Highest Paid Jobs in Canada

11 Highest Paid Jobs in Canada

When you think about it, jobs sound pretty standard and simple, right? You go to work, do your tasks and then come home. But what if you make more than other people? In this case, how would you justify your salary? That’s right, does it really need to be justified?
The average Canadian is making about $38,000. In other words, you make $38,000 per year before taxes. That may not seem like a lot, but it can certainly help you if you’re in a higher-paying job. These jobs make more than $38,000 per year without fail. Let’s take a look at the top-paying jobs in Canada.

1. Software Developers

Software developers are the highest paid profession in Canada, with an average salary of $72,000. It’s not too difficult to find a position as software developer in Canada, and the number of applicants for these jobs is high.

2. domain name registrars

Registration of domain names is a lucrative business. The industry is worth over $4 billion in Canada and earned the highest gross profit margin of any industry in 2016. This job can be done remotely, but you’ll need to have an extensive knowledge of the internet and digital marketing.

3. Financial Managers

If you’re looking for a long-term career that offers consistent pay, then the financial manager position is for you. While it’s not the highest-paying job in Canada, it does offer stability and a higher likelihood of promotion than other options.

4. Database Administrators

Database Administrators are in charge of maintaining, testing, and updating the company’s database. They take care of all tasks related to databases and computer systems, including design, implementation, maintenance, and programming. These professionals have a high demand for their skills due to the volume of work they are required to complete each day.

5. Investment Bankers

The average salary for an Investment Banker is $138,000 per year. With a projected job growth of 10% from 2016-2026, that means there is plenty of room to grow your career. Not only will you get paid well, but you’ll also be working with some of the most influential people in Canada.

6. Financial Analysts

The average annual salary for a financial analyst is $101,000. This job requires a bachelor’s degree and typically takes five years to complete.

7. Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts are responsible for conducting market research and collecting data from various sources. They analyze this data and create reports to provide businesses with insights that represent their customer’s wants, needs, desires, and opinions.

8. Credit Analysts

Credit analysts play a crucial role in the financial world. They evaluate and report on commercial credit risk and provide recommendations to mitigate these risks. Credit analysts are typically employed by banks, financial institutions, or consulting firms, but they may also work for other types of businesses that provide credit services. According to Indeed.ca, the average salary of a credit analyst is $50,000 per year. The median income for this position is $52,000.

9. Research Chemists

Research Chemists are responsible for conducting experiments in order to find new compounds that can be used in the lab or can be marketed as drugs. Salary: $76,000

10. Management Consultants

Average salary: $95,000 This job is best suited for those with a business degree and some experience. Management consultants work with companies in order to help them achieve their goals. They plan strategies and provide advice on how to make your business more successful. If you’re looking for a challenging job with long-term financial benefits, then this is the one for you.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are in high demand. They earn the highest salary in Canada and one of the top-earning jobs overall. With a median annual salary of $82,000, you can expect to make a comfortable living from real estate agent salaries alone. Real estate agents work at both the individual and corporate level. Their day-to-day responsibilities include listing, selling, and renovating homes for sale or rent. The position is also very broad; some agents specialize in commercial property management while others focus on residential property management.


Lastly, let’s briefly list the 11 different jobs that are some of the highest paying jobs in Canada. 1. Software Developers 2. Domain name registrars 3. Financial Managers 4. Database Administrators 5. Investment Bankers 6. Financial Analysts 7. Market Research Analysts 8. Credit Analysts 9. Research Chemists 10. Management Consultants 11. Real Estate Agent