It’s important to pay attention while in class in order to get good grades at the end of the session. In order to pay attention in school you will need to try and stay awake in class during  lectures. it can be a difficult task to stay awake in class  especially during a boring lecture, but in the real sense it is impolite to the lecturer to sleep during his/her lecture. Hey! Find it a difficult task to stay awake in class during lectures? Here how to stay awake in class during lectures.

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  1. Sit in a position that is close to the lecturer.

Sitting in front of the class directly facing the lecturer makes it easy for you to concentrate and reduces the chances of falling asleep at least not while the lecturer is staring at you,  with this, you have just started the process on how to stay awake in class during lectures.

  1. Ask and answer questions.

When receiving lecturers it’s easier to get distracted or sleep off while the lecturer is teaching. Participating in class by asking and answering questions keeps you focused on the lecture. Take down notes and try your very best to concentrate on the lecture and avoid distractions.

  1. Get up and walk around when you feel tired.

Staying through a long lecture can be tiring and frustrating. When you feel tired get up and move about, if the lecturer should ask why you are roaming about, explain to him/her that you need to stretch your legs. The lecturer should understand that you need to do this to be comfortable to continue the lecture.

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  1. Make little movement while sitting in class.

Little movements like stretching in your chair or tapping your feet on the floor quietly can help in keeping your body active and prevent you from falling asleep. Do this quietly in order not to distract other students.

  1. Sit close to the window or source of ventilation.

Poor ventilated classroom can make it easy for you to fall asleep. Sit close to the window or near the fan, this makes it easy to get good ventilation and reduces your chances of falling asleep during lectures.

  1. Get enough sleep the night before.

In order to master the steps on how to stay awake in class during lectures,  the body needs up to 7hours of sleep every night, this is important to help your body work at full capacity. Getting enough sleep the night before going to lectures gets you well rested and puts your brain at optimal capacity while also reducing your chances of falling asleep during lectures.

  1. Get enough exercise.

Exercises helps in reducing stress, blood circulation and increases the activities of the brain cells. Stick to a morning routine like jogging, trekking, running or cycling are good ways to energize the body which prepares you for a very productive day.

  1. Eat healthy and drink enough water.

Endeavor to stick to a healthy meal plan. Avoid eating foods high on carbohydrates and fat before lectures, foods rich in proteins and minerals are necessary for brain and body development. Take a bottle of water when sitting through long hours of lectures in case you get thirsty.


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