Mc 3310 Biography: Net Worth, Age, Tribe, Phone Number | Sarkin Dariya Biography and Net Worth

Mc 3310 ( Kwaro band ) Biography: Mc 3310 is also known as Sarki dariya. He is a popular Nigerian content creator, mc, Comedian and musician.

Mc 3310 is one comedian in Nigeria that always use his skits to educate and speaks for the masses. He is currently an Abuja based.

On this website, I will share some vital information about the popular comedy skits maker mc 3310 aka sarki dariya.

 mc 3310 biography

Mc 3310 Early Life

Mc 3310 real name is Kenneth Ogwuchi ( 23rd, March 1995 ) he was born in Kogi state, and raised in Abuja, Nigeria.

Mc 3310 attended primary school and secondary schools in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

Mc 3310 Career

Mc 3310 is a popular Nigerian skits maker and online social media comedian and activist. Mc 3310 begins his skit in 2015.

Mc 3310 has released many comedian skits that educate people and got the funniest content as well.

Mc 3310 is one skit maker in Nigeria that shows levels of education and maturity by addressing issues on trends in political issues.

Mc 3310 is released, with covers of trending Nigerian music including fem by davido, Buga by Tecno, and others.

Mc 3310 Tribe

Mc 3310 is igala by the tribe.

Mc 3310 State

Mc 3310 is from Kogi state, Nigeria

Mc 3310 Married

mc 3310 is yet to be married. Mc 3310 is single.

Mc 3310 Phone Number

Mc 3310 phone number is 23480××××××

Mc 3310 Net Worth

Nigeria popular skit maker and online social media content creator mc 3310 aka sarki dariya net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.