Mc Edo Pikin Biography: Net Worth, Age, House, Phone Number

Mc Edo pikin Biography: Mc Edo pokin is a Nigerian popular skit maker, Content creator, Actor, Fashion designer, and Events planner.

Mc Edo pikin is one famous skit maker and one of the most influential content creators in Nigeria.

On this website, I will share some interesting information about popular Nigerian Comedian mc Edo Pikin.

Mc Edo pikin Biography

Mc Edo Pikin Early Life

Mc Edo Pikin Real Name is Gbadamasi Agbonjor Jonathan ( born on 2 January 1990 ). Was born in Edo state, Nigeria

Mc Edo Pikin Attended Primary School and secondary schools in Edo state, Nigeria.

Mc Edo Pikin Career

Mc Edo pikin is Nigeria Professional Entertainer. He begins his career in a secondary school as a joker.

Mc Edo pikin join the Nigerian Entertainment industry as a comedian in 2010 and is active today.

Mc Edo pikin is a standing comedian and skit maker. he won many awards himself.

Mc Edo Pikin Wife

Mc Edo pikin married Lily Ajiroghene Isikeh on the 5th of October, 2019.

Mc Edo Pikin Real name

Mc Edo pikin real name is Gbadamasi Agbonjor Jonathan

Mc Edo Pikin Tribe

Mc Edo pikin tribe is Edo

Mc Edo Pikin Phone Number


Mc Edo Pikin Net Worth

Mc Edo pikin is A Nigeria popular skit maker and content creator who hails from Edo state, he has a net worth of $500,000.