Top 10 most populated state in Nigeria

Top 10 most populated state in Nigeria: Do you want to know which state in Nigeria have the number of residents? If yes keep reading.

Nigeria is located in west Africa region and rank third largest country in Africa and most populous country in Africa with about 200 million residents.

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Nigeria population is divided among 36 state in Nigeria and Kano Lagos have highest number of residents.

in this article, The list and ranking we be base on residents and populated palaces in various state in the country

Top 10 Most Populated States in Nigeria & Figures

1.Kano state 25 million people

Kano state is the most populous state in Nigeria,According to citypopulation Kano have about 25 million residents.

Kano state is located in northern Nigeria region,and the major language spoken in kano state is Hausa language

Kano state is known as center of commerce ,and has one of the biggest industries bases in nation, Kano state have 44 local government area

Populated market in kano

Dawano Market
Enlemu Market
Galadima Market
Kantin Kwari Market
Kofar Wabe Market
Kurumi Market
Rimi Market
Yankura Market

Populated Local Government area in kano state

Dala … 418,759 582,500
Fagge … 200,095 278,300
Gwale … 357,827 497,700
Kano Municipal … 371,243 516,400
Kumbotso 166,558 294,391 409,500
Nasarawa … 596,411 829,600
Tarauni … 221,844 308,600
Ungogo 168,373 365,737 508,700

2.Lagos state 16 million people

Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria and second 2nd most populous state in Nigeria with 16 million residents according to 2006 census

Lagos have 2 major sea port and most Bushiest air port in nation

Lagos is the righest state in Nigeria

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3.Oyo state 15 million people

Oyo state is the one of the most populous state in Nigeria with residents about 15 million according to 2006 census and one of most educated State in Nigeria with many professors.

Oyo state houses first Nigeria television authority and first university in Nigeria (university of Ibadan)

4.Rivers state 11 million people

River stare is one of the most populous state in Nigeria with about 11million residents according to 2006 census.

River state is one of largest oil depositor and and there have two major refinery and there are 3rd oil production in Nigeria and there economic is based on agriculture and oil

5.Kaduna state 12 million

Kaduna state is 3rd most populous state in Nigeria with over 12 million residents according to 2006 census

Kaduna have about 52 indigenous tribes and Kaduna have highest number of tribes

Kaduna is a center of learning and home of Nigeria defense academic (NDA) and college of aviation technology and have most prestigious university in the country Ahmadu bello university (ABU Zaria).

Kaduna is one of the largest state in Nigeria in term of land mass

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6.Katsina state 10 million people

Katsina state made it to top 4 most populous state in Nigeria with about 10 million residents

Katsina located in northhwest of the country and home to president Muhammad buhari (CFR),the major tribe in Katsina is Fulani and Hausa Fulani and Muslim are the majority in Katsina

7.Anambra state 8.3 million people

Anambra state is most populous state in south east region and there major language is Igbo

8.Jigawa state 8 million people

Jigawa state is located in northern region of Nigeria

Jigawa is among the most populated state in the country with about 8 million residents and many indigenous tribes and the major language in Jigawa is baribari and most spoken language is Hausa

9.Benue state 7.8 million people

Benue state is located in north central of the country and the most populous state in north central with about 7.8 million residents there major source of income is agriculture

10.Bauchi state 7 million people

Bauchi is located in northern region of the country with about 7 million residents and home to late Sir Abubakar Tafawa balewa the first prime minister in Nigeria.


Is not easy to figure out the exactly population of a particular state or area that mean we can’t relay on the statics given on this article.

This article is rank base on the statistics of 2006 census and I will look forward to update the list once another census take place in the country