Top 22 WAEC Frequently Asked Questions You Need To Know

In this article, we will delve into the top 22 frequently asked questions about the WAEC (West African Examinations Council) exam. These questions cover various aspects of the exam, from preparation and requirements to results and certificates. If you’re a student preparing for the WAEC exam, these answers will provide you with valuable insights.

  1. How Many Subjects Do I Write in WAEC? Candidates are required to write a minimum of eight (8) subjects and a maximum of nine (9) subjects, including WAEC compulsory general subjects. Any deviation from this will not be accepted.
  2. Who is Eligible to Sit for the WASSCE? For school candidates, you must be in the final class (SSS 3) of a recognized school to qualify for the WASSCE exam. Private candidates may also be eligible if they fall into certain categories, such as those who have attempted the WASSCE in previous years, those who have passed the GCE with at least three subjects, or those who have passed the Teachers’ Grade two examination.
  3. How Does WAEC Set Its Questions? WAEC questions are structured in two forms: Objective and Theory, similar to your school examinations.
  4. How Many Questions Do I Answer in WAEC? In the objective section, you are required to answer 60 to 50 compulsory questions, while in the theory section, you must answer at least 3-5 questions. Mathematics and English Language sections may require you to answer 8-10 questions.
  5. Does WAEC Penalize Candidates for Examination Malpractice? Yes, candidates caught cheating during the exam will face penalties, which can lead to result cancellation or withholding.
  6. What Are the Recommended Textbooks and Novels for the 2022 WAEC Exam? Essential textbooks are recommended for all subjects, and specific novels and texts are suggested for literature components. (List of recommended novels provided).
  7. Why Are Some WAEC Results Canceled? WAEC results are canceled due to examination malpractice and other related offenses.
  8. Does WAEC Offer Exam Preparation? No, WAEC does not prepare candidates for exams. Schools and learning centers are responsible for exam preparation.
  9. Who Are the Examiners and How Are They Appointed? WAEC examiners are typically graduate teachers and university/polytechnic lecturers. They must be experts in the subject and are recommended by their school’s principal.
  10. Can I Combine Two WAEC Results for Admission? Yes, in some cases, two WAEC results can be combined for university admission, but some institutions may not accept this.
  11. How Does WAEC Ensure Standardized Grading? WAEC follows a thorough process involving marking guides, coordination, supervision, and vetting by experienced examiners and checkers.
  12. What Grade Is Required for University Admission? A minimum of credits in your five (5) core subjects, including Mathematics and English Language, is required for university admission.
  13. How Long Does It Take for WAEC Results to Be Released? WAEC results are typically released 60-90 days after the exam is completed.
  14. Do WAEC Results Expire? No, WAEC results do not have an expiry date.
  15. What Is the Lifespan of WAEC Certificates? WAEC certificates do not expire and can be used indefinitely.
  16. How Can I Correct Errors on My Certificate? For school candidates, the school principal handles certificate corrections. Private candidates must contact WAEC directly and may be charged a fee.
  17. How Long Does It Take for Original WAEC Certificates to Be Available? It takes about 90 days after result release for the original certificate to be available.
  18. How Do Candidates Collect Their Certificates? School candidates collect certificates from their schools, while private candidates obtain them directly from WAEC.
  19. Does WAEC Replace Lost Certificates? No, WAEC does not replace certificates but issues statements of results or confirms results for a fee.
  20. Can I Use My WAEC Result Abroad? Yes, you can use your WAEC results for admission into foreign universities.
  21. Where Is WAEC’s Headquarters in Nigeria? WAEC’s Nigeria National Office is located in Yaba, Lagos.
  22. How Can I Contact WAEC? You can contact WAEC via email or their website for inquiries.


These frequently asked questions provide essential information about the WAEC exam, helping students better understand its requirements, processes, and outcomes. If you’re preparing for the WAEC exam, make sure to adhere to the guidelines and recommendations to enhance your chances of success. If you found this article helpful, please share your thoughts in the comment section below