University Of People Courses | UoPeople Online Courses

University of people Courses: Are you interested in knowing the list of courses offered at the university of people? If yes, keep reading.

University of people is an online university located in the United States of America. The University offers 7 courses.

University of people approved and accredited by DEAC in collaboration with:

• University of California Berkeley

• Yale ISP Law School for research

• New York University

• University of Edinburgh

• Harvard Business School Online.

University Of People programs

Prominent academics and industry leaders have joined to create high-quality, affordable programs that will prepare you for success in the job market.

Master Degree Programs

• Business Administration
•Information Technology

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

•Business Administration
•Computer science
•Health Science

Associates Degree Programs

•Business Administration
•Computer Science
•Health Science

Certificate Programs

•Business Administration
•Computer Science
•Health Science
•English Language

University of people Admission Requirements

These are general admission requirements for the university of people for all courses and Programs.

• Must be Above 16 years

• Must have High School certificate

• Must have English and Mathematics.

How To apply for University of people online courses

Click on the link below to apply for the university of people online courses via the official website. Apply Here

• Fill out the necessary space.

• Click register

• Confirm email

• Fill out Profile information.

• Pay Registration fees of $60.