Admiralty University School Fees, And Cut-Off Mark For All Courses

Are you in search for Admiralty University courses and cut-Off mark?

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Admiralty University is one of the best top Private Universities in Nigeria with affordable charges.

Attending a Private university in Nigeria has become a new demand for the next generation of Nigerians, as government-owned universities frequently go on strike, putting students’ academic sessions on hold while their graduation year is prolonged due to the ASUU strike.

If you do not want to be affected whenever ASUU declares stirke, then attending a private university is the best option for you as an aspiring University candidate.

The other disadvantage of Private universities is that they are expensive to attend. If you want to study in a Nigerian private university, you must be well-funded, as the institutions require a lot of money.

If you have all of these, it is best to attend a private university, such as Admiralty University.

I will take into account that you have decided on Admiralty University, and as a result, I have provided all of the required Admiralty University information.

How Much Is Admiralty University School Fees?

The amount of money paid as school fees in Admiralty University ranges from N620,000 to N900,000. The amount paid as school fees varies from courses.

What Is Admiralty University Cut-off Mark?

The amount of scores needed as cut-off mark in Admiralty University is 160. If you score 160 and above in your JAMB UTME, then you are qualified to apply for this university.

List Of Courses Offered In Admiral University And Their School fees charges

1. B. Sc. Computer Science – N760,000

2. B. Sc. Biology – N620,000

3. B. Sc. Physics – N620,000

4. B. Sc. Industrial Mathematics – N620,000

5. B. Sc. Business Administration – N760,000

6. B. Sc. International Relations – N760,000

7. B. Sc. Forensic Science – N760,000

8. B. Sc. Cyber Securityb- N760,000

9. B. Sc. Software Engineering – N760,000

10. LL.B. Law – N900,000

11. B. Sc. Tourism Studies – N620,000

12. B. Sc. Chemistry – N760,000

13. B. Sc. Accounting – N620,000

14. B. Sc. Economics – N620,000

15. B. A. English – N620,000

16. B. A. History & International Studies – N620,000