Buhari Omo Musa Biography: Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Buhari Omo Musa Net Worth: Buhari Omo Musa’s Net Worth is estimated To be Around $100,000 according to online sources.

On this webpage, I will share some vital information about famous Islamic scholars. Among the information here are Omo Musa Early Life And Net Worth.

buhari omo musa

Who is Buhari Omo Musa

Buhari Omo Musa Is A Nigeria Islamic scholar who stands up to the preacher. He is well known for funny preaching which gets his attention and a lot of the time to read the of people love his preaching.

Buhari Omo Musa Early Life

Sheikh Buhari Muhammad is well known as Buhari Omo Musa. He was born and raised in Ilorin Kwara state.

Omo Musa attends primary school and secondary schools in Ilorin Kwara state.

Buhari Omo Musa Career

The Islamic scholars who were born in Ilorin Kwara state Buhari Omo Musa started their preaching career right from teenage age.

The person and zeal to preach the words of god make omo Musa of kind person among his mates and friends.

Omo Musa has traveled to many Religion occasions to preach the words of god and earn much respect in society.

buhari Uomo Musa is one best and most influential Islamic scholars in youruba land.

Buhari Omo Musa

Buhari Omo Musa Is a kwara Born and Islamic scholar who are popular and known for their funniest way of preaching. He has a net worth of $100,000 which is equivalent to 50 million according to Nigerian currency.