JAMB Result 2023: Check Your Result In 2 Easy Ways

The JAMB UTME (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) is an annual exam in Nigeria for students aiming to get into universities, polytechnics, and colleges. This article will help you easily check your JAMB UTME result using two methods. Let’s dive in!

Checking Your JAMB Result Online:

To check your JAMB result online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the JAMB portal on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter your JAMB registration number, email address, or phone number.
  3. Click “Check My Result.”
  4. If your result is ready, it will appear on the screen.

Checking Your JAMB Result Via SMS:

If you prefer checking via SMS, here’s how:

  1. Use your mobile phone (android, iOS, or tablet).
  2. Make sure you have the phone number you used to create your JAMB profile.
  3. Send RESULT to 55019 using that phone number (Cost: N50).
  4. Wait a bit for your result to arrive via SMS.

Note: Results are released within 2-5 days and may come in batches. If it’s not ready yet, check again later.

Understanding Your JAMB UTME Result:

Once you’ve checked your result, you’ll see your scores for each subject. The total score is out of 400, and the grading system is as follows:

  • 180-200: Admission to public universities
  • 160-180: Admission to private universities
  • 140-160: Admission to polytechnics
  • 100-140: Admission to colleges of education

Remember, the UTME result isn’t the only factor for admission. Your post-UTME screening and O-Level results also matter.

Exciting News:

New EduPadi JAMB App! There’s great news for JAMB aspirants! The EduPadi JAMB app is now available on the Google Play Store. It’s packed with JAMB past questions, answers, and other helpful features to ace your upcoming exam.


Checking your JAMB UTME result is crucial for securing admission to higher institutions in Nigeria. Follow the online or SMS method, understand your scores, and remember that other factors influence your admission too. Plus, don’t miss out on the EduPadi JAMB app to boost your preparation. Good luck on your journey to higher education!