Zar To Naira Black Market Exchange Rate

Zar to Naira Black Market exchange rate: Do you want to know the current exchange rate for south African currency zar to naira? If yes keep reading.

The South Africa currency is one of the strongest currencies in Africa after the libya and Egypt. The exchange rate for Nigeria’s Naira currency depends on market exchange locations.

The official CBN exchange rate of zar to naira is N24.70

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How Much is Zar exchange to Naira

The South African zar is exchanged for Nigeria naira at a rate of N24.70 according to the CBN rate.

Conversion of Zar to Naira

Below are zar conversions to Nigeria naira.

Zar Naira (NGN)
1 N24.70
50 N1,235
100 N2,470
500 N12,350
1000 N24,700


N24.70 is the official exchange rate of zar to naira. The zar is south African currency and is one of the strongest currencies in Africa