Hello, do you recall or remember in secondary school where our teachers would always discuss and hammer on the importance of Time Management? Do you still remember how they would always drill and bombard our heads on how managing our time would definitely make our lives easier and organized? 7 helpful tips to Stay organized with Higher Time Control

Well, whether or not you are the Manager, Director, CEO or even the gateman, we all get the equal amount of time in 24 hours and 7 days. What often separates great minds from less powerful people is how we spend and manage that time given to us. Finding ways to master the use of or control time, such as the usage of mind mapping software (i.e to do list) for higher planning, and other recommendations here, will assist you increase your professional time management and greatly help to stay organized.

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These are my helpful recommendations for time 7 good ways to Stay organized with Higher Time Control


  1. Make lengthy  plans 

By means of planning your weekly or monthly assigned job as opposed to your daily schedule, you better pick out viable barriers and opportunities for making the handiest use of it slow. In case you understand you’ve got a busy day coming, you can time table different occasions round it to keep away from getting overburdened on that specific day.

  1. Prioritize your plans slowly but gradually  

 Prepare your schedule so that you tackle your toughest duties at the times of day when you’re at your zenith. pile up the less complicated or much less crucial tasks for when you have much less power, or closer to the close of the day.

  1. Do not use up much time planning to flawlessness 

Actually, not every assignment you ever try, needs to be completed to perfection. A few less important matters don’t need to be completed well they simply need to be performed. Always realize  ways to accurately prioritize tasks, saving your time for the most crucial jobs.

  1. Don’t just set your desires, also set your rewards

Be sure to reward yourself for sticking to your timetable. When you have something to look ahead to, it makes the desire worthwhile. Always congratulate yourself for a job well done. Small rewards, including a night out or a meal at your favorite eating place, going to watch or play your favorite sport, buying yourself gifts like watch, jersey, etc will assist to keep you stimulated.

  1. Always Learn to say no

Time is the most valuable commodity you’ve got. Do not gamble it away on frivolities and aimless responsibilities. Say no to requests that impose in your time in the event that they provide little in going back.

  1. Embrace Modern Science and technology

New generation technologies can greatly help you in coping with your. Use the tools of the present-day age to stay on peak of your timetable. Reminders to your Smartphone or pill can keep you up with the challenge. Calendars and different files stored inside the cloud can provide you with the right of entry to and for your itinerary regardless of  which you’re. Mind mapping and control software can come up with an amazingly helpful visual method of planning budgets, initiatives, and different sports.

  • Break down large initiatives or task into smaller components

Large tasks can be daunting; I mean regularly so daunting which in turn cause you to be losing time, it makes you to always procrastinate on getting them done. Through breaking down massive projects into smaller components, you can lead them to less intimidating task, and offer yourself with measurable milestones and goals.

Finally, putting all these recommendations into practice, you could see yourself excelling in your studies, career or with stress or procrastination. Always learn how to manage your time well and prepare well in advance for your examinations or test as a student.

Hope you put this into practice and see how easy your day to day affairs would become. Please let us know your thoughts on the comment box