Access Bank Code For Transfer: Balance, Account Number

Access Bank Code: Do you want to know more about access bank codes? If yes keep reading.

Access Bank is a code used to transfer money from one account to one account. It may be from an access bank to an Access Bank account or from an access bank to another bank account.

With the Access Bank USSD code, you can transfer, Check Balance, Check Account Balance and even block your atm card if lost.

In this webpage, I will share with you a list of access bank USSD Codes and How To Use Access Bank.

Some frequent questions regarding access banks code will be answered on this webpage, keep reading.

Access Bank USSD Code

Access Bank USSD code is *901*911#. With this code, you transfer from your account to another.

Access Bank Transfer Code

Access Bank Transfer Code is *901*Amout*Account Number#.


Dia *901*500*14416477**# or

Follow this steps

1. Dia *901#

2. Enter 2

3. Enter exactly the amount you want to send

4. Enter Beneficiary Account Number

5. Enter Your PIN.

You are successful in making a transfer with Access Bank USSD.

Access Bank USSD Code For Checking Balance

Dial *901*5# and wait for a moment to receive an SMS of your account balance.

Access Bank USSD Code For Checking Account Number

Follow these steps to check your access bank account number using access bank USSD.

Dia *901#

Enter option 4

Re-entering option 4

Enter the last six digits of Your ATM Card

Finally, your bank account will be displayed.


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