Humans Are Like Lion

Be with you
Cherish you like an egg
And promise you
Heaven and earth
But at last the change
Harm you
 if they Found that
you are  going to be prosperous than them
They try to fortress you,
When they see the bright
And beautiful future of you
They Smile on you in front,
At Your Back they turn Lion
Against you,
To destroy you…
Some provide you meal
And pay your bills.
At last the change .
Why human are like this?
Does this prove, there’s
No trusted human
Here on earth ?
Sometime we feel okay
To stay alone than to
Stay with a follower human.
No one is perfect,
All we need is to trust
Ourselves and keep moving
With human and hope
One day ,they will drop you
Like an old clothes that is tore
And no more good to wear.
Play, and have fun,
Never trust any human.