The Dead of Poverty

Inside a dark room
On bed,
All alone,thinking…
About my future,
“What did tomorrow have for me?”
“Can I change my ugly state, I found myself?”
Am broke but not shutdown,
My head still bouncing
Randomly like a basketball.
I found myself in a premier league tournament.
Full of thinking as if tomorrow is the last day
To make it or die!
I feel rope on my neck
As if am about to commit suicide.
Because no hope from
Friends and family,
I’m now in war…
Where I have to struggle
And fight to stay alive
Or die!
I see and taste
The dead of poverty.
No food ; No Money.
Friends are mocking me…
Family thought am useless.
I feel like loosing all.
I see forest on my face.
My clothes became dark
And tore.
I wonder why I was brought to the world,
What life is about?
I sight out from my window
And see life afar
And discovered that
Life is about Riches and happiness
Being rich, you provide
the following;
Feeding, clothing
And happiness.
Poverty is dead
but riches is life.