The Throne And Sit Of The Country

We enjoy and cry,

Thinking of the best for


But do you really cares

Planning for your country?

What are the problems,

You are blaming

The leaders on?

You know but still,

Keeping quiet!

Say it out or face the difficulty!


You know the solution

Of the country

And the person that can solve.

But you remain silence,

vote those that giveout money

During election!

then no solutions,

Economy begins to fallen.

You are here crying and mourning!


They say vote wisely,

Vote someone that will

Represent you.

And bring good, development

And respect to the country.


Oh, my country man,

How long will you be

Decieve by those who use

Money to buy sit

And later abandon you

When the succeed their sit


You give chair to visitor,

While throne is for the king,

The one that rules you

Either temporary or


Regretting is the worse that will happen if you choose the wrong person on the throne.

So, know who you choose to sit on the throne.

Thanks for reading, much love!