Kaduna State Teachers Salary

Kaduna state teachers salary: Do you want to know how much an average teacher in Kaduna state earns in a month? If yes keep reading.

For Applicants that just finished the registration of Kaduna state Teachers Recruitment and others that want to become teachers in Kaduna state. Will love to know how Kaduna state teachers’ salary is structured.

In this blog post, you will learn much about Kaduna state teachers’ salaries and how it structures.

There is the possibility of teachers at the same level earning different amounts monthly as salary if their local government is different.

But my main post will be based on the average salary scale of Kaduna State Teacher’s Salary.

Teachers’ salary in Kaduna state is similar to Niger state teachers’ salary and almost the same in Northern Nigeria.

kaduna state teachers salary

Kaduna state Teachers Salary

Level Average salary
0-3 N35,000
4-6 N50,000
6-8 N64,250
9-11 N75,820
12-14 N115,000


This article explains every detail of how Kaduna state teachers’ salary is structured. Check out Kaduna state Teacher Recruitment if you want to be one of them.

Good luck.