Neolife Salary In Nigeria

Neolife Salary in Nigeria: Do you want to know the salary of new life workers in Nigeria? If yes keep reading.

Many people wish to work in Neolife in Nigeria. Will love to know how much neolife workers earn in a month in Nigeria.

Neolife is an international agency that employs people across the nation. You can google search for job vacancies in neolife in Nigeria.

Here on this website, I will share some vital information about neolife salary in Nigeria

Neolife Salary in Nigeria

1. Sales Promotions Coordinator earns NGN 417,602 monthly

2. Casher earns NGN 600,000 monthly in neolife.

3. Customer Service Representative earn NGN 360,000 in neolife

4. Sales Manager’s salary is unknown

5. Financial manager salary in neolife is unknown

Here are some questions often asked by people.

How do I get paid in NeoLife?

The NeoLife Compensation plan pays you based
on your orders and the orders of Club Members and Promoters in your team.

Payout is calculated based on the volume of products sold.
A sliding scale Sales Volume Bonus (SVB) determines the percentage you earn.


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