Niger State Teachers Salary

Niger state teachers salary: Do you want to know how Niger state teachers are structured, if yes keep reading.

Many young people in niger state that have in mind to choose Teaching as a profession will love to know or have an idea of how much teachers in niger state earn.

Teachers’ salary in Niger state is not like other professions’ salary. Teachers earn less in niger state but not bad since an average teacher can earn up to N40,000 monthly.

Primary School teachers’ salary is structured under the local government chairman while secondary school teachers get paid directly by State Government.

There is urge difference between primary school teachers, and secondary school teachers.

 Niger state teachers salary structure, Niger state teacher salary structure

Niger State Teachers Salary Minimum Wage

The minimum wage of Niger state salary is N30,000 according to the civil service commission.

Niger State Primary School Teacher Salary Structure

Level Average salary
0-3 N30,000
4-6 N45,000
6-8 N54,250
9-11 N72,820
12-14 N110,000

Niger state Secondary School teacher Salary structure

Level Average salary
0-3 N35,000
4-6 N50,000
6-8 N64,250
9-11 N75,820
12-14 N115,000


Teachers are the hope of the Nation but here In Nigeria teachers’ effort is not much appreciated. I salute all teachers across the Nation.