Niger State Salary Structure

Niger state salary structure: Do you want to know how Niger state salary is structured? If yes keep reading.

Many Niger state citizens who wish to work under the niger state civil servants commission will love to know and have an idea about how workers in niger state are paid.

There is no thought if I say Niger state is one of the Northern states that salary scale is well structured. If you follow this article to the end you will testify to what im saying.

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 Niger state salary structure, Niger state civil servants salary structure

Niger state Minimum Wage

The Niger state government agrees with the Niger state civil servants that, the minimum wage of employees in the niger state should be N30,000.

Niger State Salary structure

Salary in niger state depends on the level and ministry of the employee works. So the salary varies but on this webpage, we are providing the average salary of Niger state based on levels.

Level Average salary
0-3 N30,000
4-6 N45,000
6-8 N54,250
9-11 72,820
12-14 N110,000
15-18 N150,000
19 N250,000


Please take note of these figures on this webpage. This is the average salary scale not wrong or fake.

Feel free to make comments regarding this post, im anticipate any comments regarding the niger state salary scale.