Salary Of Chevron Workers In Nigeria 2023: See How Much Chevron Pays

Nigeria’s oil and gas industry is known for its lucrative salaries, with companies like Chevron being popular choices among job seekers. Let’s explore the salary structure at Chevron Nigeria Limited and delve into the earning potential of different positions.

Chevron: An Overview:

Chevron is a multinational energy company operating in over 180 countries, with a significant presence in Nigeria. It engages in oil and gas exploration, production, refining, and more. In Nigeria, Chevron is a major oil producer and has various subsidiaries.

Chevron Nigeria’s Operations:

Chevron Nigeria Limited operates in partnership with NNPC and is a key player in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. The company is involved in both onshore and offshore activities, producing millions of barrels of crude oil and natural gas daily.

Salary Structure at Chevron:

Chevron Nigeria Limited offers competitive salaries and benefits to its employees. The pay varies based on factors such as job description, experience, and location. The company employs a wide range of professionals beyond the oil and gas sector.

Engineers at Chevron:

Engineers, including petroleum, mechanical, and drilling engineers, are among the highest earners. Entry-level engineers start with a monthly salary of N150,000 to N500,000, which increases with experience and qualifications. Senior engineers can earn between N1,000,000 and N5,000,000 per month.

Geoscientists at Chevron:

Geoscientists play a crucial role in locating oil and gas reserves. Entry-level geoscientists earn N100,000 to N300,000 per month, while senior-level geoscientists can earn between N500,000 and N3,000,000 per month.

Other Professionals at Chevron:

Chevron employs professionals in various fields such as accounting, human resources, and public relations. Entry-level salaries range from N100,000 to N300,000 per month, while senior-level salaries can reach up to N1,000,000 per month.

How to Secure a Job at Chevron:

To increase your chances of landing a job at Chevron, update your CV, research the company, and connect with current employees. Apply for available positions through the Chevron Nigeria recruitment website and ensure your CV is well-prepared.


Working at Chevron Nigeria offers attractive salaries and benefits, making it a desirable career choice for many. By understanding the salary structure and following the application process, you can potentially secure a rewarding job at this reputable oil and gas company. Remember to avoid falling victim to scams during the application process.