TETFund Salary Structure

TETFund salary structure: Do you want to know how the tetfund salary is structured? If yes keep reading.

The Applicants that participate in TETFund Recruitment will love to know and have an idea of how TETFund’s salary is structured.

In this article, I will provide every detail of how the TETFund salary is structured. Follow this article to the end to learn.

TETFund Salary For Corpers

The Tertiary Education Trust fund pays the National Youth service corps member monthly wages of N53,000

TETFund Salary for Graduate

Tertiaryiary Education Trust Fund salary for graduate start from N120,000 to N150,000

TETFund Salary Workers Salary

Grade Level 7 (Step 1-15) – N53,000 to N87,000

•Grade level 8 (Step 1-15) – N63,000 to N97,000

•Grade level 9 (Step 1-15) – N77,000 to N114,000

•Grade level 10 (Step 1-15) – N83,000 to N123,000

•Grade level 12 (Step 1-11) – N88,000 to N127,000

•Grade level 13 (Step 1-11) – N114,000 to N138,000

•Grade level 14 (Step 1-9) – N125,000 to N175,000

•Grade level 15 (Step 1-9) – N163,000 to N217,000

•Grade level 16 (Step 1-9) – N228,000 to N275,000

•Grade level 17 (Step 1-9) – N397,000 to N597,000.


The Tertiary Education Trust Fund salary structure is one of the best salaries in Nigeria.