Tips On How To Prepare And Pass WAEC Examination In One Sitting

Pass WAEC Examination at first setting is what every students are looking for. So, in this article have bring in the top solutions that will help you to pass WAEC Examinations at ease.

Some years back when I wrote my WAEC Examinations I didn’t have any ideas about how to prepared for the first exams, but I applied the procedures I will be sharing in this article and am glad that I passed with flying colours (Good Grade).

Don’t be scare, passing Examinations is easy, only that you don’t know the procedures to follow. Keep reading to the end to discovered that top secret I will be listing below.

Tips On How To Prepare And Pass WAEC Examination In One Sitting

 How Can I Pass My WASSCE Exam?

Below are the three(3) main guide to pass your WASSCE Exams in one sitting;

  1. Study Past Questions.
  2. Get Recent Updates On WAEC Exams.
  3. Don’t Give Distraction A Space.

1. Study Past Questions: Try as well to learn the format on how WAEC’s Official set theirs questions by going through past and Recent questions. Study them and know the answers to the questions. Do this consistently for a couple of weeks before the Exams.

Bear it in mind that WAEC Questions is mainly theory and Objectives in which science students are to write Practical Exams in the school Laboratory in the main Subject like Physics, Agricultural Science, Biology and Chemistry.

2. Get Recent Updates On WAEC Exams: This is mostly the reasons why some students failed theirs Exams at first sitting. They lack access to news and requirements needed. Some don’t even read the instructions before answering questions. Be alerts on recent news considering WAEC and read instructions carefully before starting the exam. Be Familiar with the subject combination for your unit.

 According to WAEC, a candidate must register minimum of Six (6) And Maximum of Nine (9) Subjects in which English Language and Mathematics is Compulsory for Students ( including Science,Art and commercial).

3. Don’t Give Distraction A Space: When preparing for any Examinations avoid social media at the moment and Stay in a noise free environment.

How Difficult Is WAEC?

It is not as difficult as others people may said it’s just that they didn’t prepared well before taking their WAEC Exams. Always have confidence in yourself that you can makes it,if others did its.

How do I answer Waec questions?

Here are the steps to answer West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Questions;

  1. Avoid Anxiety.
  2. Read The Instructions.
  3. Answers The One You Know.
  4. Focus.

1. Avoid Anxiety: You are in the Exams Hall and your questions and answers booklet have been shared while you keep contemplating whether you will pass the exams. Why do you do that when you know you have only two options to Fail  Or Pass. The only candidate that are anxious are those who didn’t prepared for the Exams. If you prepared, have a strong mindset that you will pass with good grades. Don’t let your mind be trouble,remain calm and focus.

2. Read The Instructions: Some Candidates will skip the instructions,hurry to answers all the questions without undergoing the instructions. Sometimes, you may advise to answers only two or one questions.

Makes sures you read and understand the instructions before answering any questions.

3. Answers The One You Know: The issues here is that some candidate spend most of their time on the questions they don’t know, trying to think what to answers which they will later run out of time. The best steps is to answers the one you know and also answers the unknown after you are done with the ones you knows.

4. Focus: To avoid distraction or reductions of marks from the supervisor,be focus, avoid Examinations Malpractice and maintain a good Exams sitting position. The reasons why some candidates failed theirs exam is because they were sent out in the exam Hall for malpractice or distracting the Hall.

How To Pass WAEC Mathematics?

Passing Mathematics is easier when you prepared and study the basics formulas. WAEC’s mathematics questions due repeat and what they gives is from the syllabus which if you study and understand the lists of topic on the syllabus. You will surely pass with flying colours.

How To Prepare For WAEC In One Month?

I don’t assured you Preparing for WAEC Exams in a month,if you really want to pass your Examinations. The minimum months requires for preparations of WAEC Examinations is 2 Months to 6 Months.

How to pass WAEC in one sitting?

Take the above procedures I explained earlier in this article on the sections, “How can I pass my Wassce exam?” And “How do I answer Waec questions?”

How Can I Get Good Grades In WASSCE?

To gain good grades on your WASSCE Examinations,you have to focus, studious and also pay attention to instructions on each paper you are given.

Conclusions: I strongly believe this article give answers to the question,”How to read for WAEC“.

Make sure you go through the above Steps and take action if you truly want to pass your WAEC Examinations.