Super Steps To Write A Song As A Professional

Are you trying to write your own songs as an upcoming Artistes or writing for a Record Label for screening,here is the procedures that will guide you in writing a perfect lyrics that your listener will enjoy still the end. This steps have been used by lots of musicians which works for them.

Requirements Tools Needed In Song Writing

  1. Sheet of paper
  2. Pen
  3. A musical beats
  4. Smartphone Application ( Option.

The Main Points In The Lyrics/Song Writing

I. The Songs Title:

The Lyrics title carry the weight in the Songs. It is the main point that will guide you in position of your lyrics on verses. Start by listing a  four(4) words phrase that will serve as guidelines. Breakdown the title in summaries by giving a brief introduction of what it portraits which you later figure out the main word or words suitable for the title.

ii. Choose The Lyrics Pattern:

This is the hardest part for some upcoming artists. They look confused when choosing the intro, verses, Chorus, Broke-down or Bridge, and Outro. Make sure you list a brief summary for the verse and chorus by writing down in a sheet of paper the questions you will be answering in your Chorus base on the title. Add the answers to the questions on the chorus section by  forming them in a phrase. Some questions like;

1. What is the songs all about?

2. Who is the main portraits on this songs?

3. How can I give a brief description of the events in an interesting ways?

The main point here is to know how to choose a suitable lyrics for each verses,intro, chorus,etc.

The intro is like a welcoming section that give a brief introduction with a follow-up verse of the songs.While, The Outro give a sign out by bringing an end to the lyrics.

 III. Have A Well Position Melody In The Lyrics:

Make use of any phrase in the first verse and chorus. Sing them with emotions to identify your Melody together with the rhythm. Use them to begins your Chorus Melody by repeating the chords until you get additional words to form phrase with. You can record them with your smartphone or have its written down.

How To Position Your Song/Lyrics In Sections

A. Start With Verse And Chorus:

After Positioning the intro, it is time to set up the verse(verse 1)  by giving an interesting Expression with brief description of the situation in the first line. Don’t be on a reach give the listener more information by adding enough details in the second line while adding your Melody.

B. Transition Of The Verses And Chorus:

Try to make the verses and choruses to flow together without obstacle when singing. Make the chorus’ Melody in a high note range for a good transition with the verse’s Melody.

C. Work On The Next Verses:

Add another phrase by answering another question or making an emotional statement with a follow-up Chorus by repeating the first Chorus together with the Melody.

D. The Bridge or Broken down Verse:

This section is just like a summary of the songs which contains the emotion of the Singer. The Bridge should never be used in any section of the songs.

Recording The Songs

I advise using a free beats from the Genres of songs you are into, if you can’t afford a premium beats (a copyright free, beat created for you by a music producer). You can also make use of some applications for recording your songs at home before going to the studio. I recommend, “ Voice Charger- Auto Tune

This smartphone application help to change and set up a smooth transition in voice why recording. It also help in the changing of text in to audio.


Writing a Songs is the hardest steps for some upcoming Artistes,with the above procedures I strongly believe you can get your first song written properly.