Top 15 Essential Digital Marketing Skills To Acquire In 2023

Over the years, It has been discovered that some entrepreneurs want to master digital marketing skills to help their businesses.

Recently, there has been an increase in digital marketing skills trainers, which brings us to the question,” Are there no other digital skills out there? ”

Maybe, if these questions were asked for years then we would have deserved some forgiveness, It will be very difficult for any business to survive in this technology-driven era if they don’t embrace digital marketing as a means to promote their business.

The world has metamorphosed into a digital age where one can start a company with just a computer and a stable internet connection.

But sadly some business owners still depend on the local ways of doing business like renting an office space, stocking it up, sitting, and expecting customers to flood in.

It is now a well-known fact that this style of business is gradually fading away, Any business that won’t accept digital marketing will most definitely not survive in this digital century.

Well even if you don’t have the needed digital marketing skills, you can still learn it online and be good at it.

Today you are going to discover top-notch digital marketing skills that will take your business to another level

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a top digital skill in demand out there, it is one of the most sorts after digital marketing skills in Nigeria as I write this.

What Is Seo?

SEO is defined as the art and science of generating free organic traffic to your website page or content.

When you ask questions on top search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, the search engine result pages (SERP) will bring forth web pages and content that match the keywords.

Today every Business understands the need for their content and information to be found on search engines. But unfortunately, most people don’t have the skill to help them rank on the first page of Google

Going forward, You will have to learn website optimization and content optimization, to increase your chances of appearing on the first page of search engines.

With that being said, SEO keeps advancing every day, this is why you need to keep updating your skill to remain at the top of the industry.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is just about promoting your products or services through paid advertisements that normally appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) based on the kind of keywords that is used.

The interesting thing is that you can learn this high-income skill for your business, and you can also provide it as a service to other business owners.

SEM requires advertisers to use relevant keywords that users will likely enter into search engines to search for certain products or services.

Your ads are to appear on search engines like google alongside other search engine results when your target words are used

You will have to be very familiar with some terms like impression, CPC, CTR, CPA, etc. as an SEM expert

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to build a relationship between your target audience and the established authority.

This is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies and high-income skills to have in Nigeria.

But then again the success of email marketing depends on your copywriting skills.

This is the more reason why business owners should acquire their messaging to their target audience.

Email marketing can be defined as the process of sending several emails to a list of email contacts to reach prospects and customers. In Today’s world, so many platforms have created means that made it very easy to write and send out emails.

One such amazing platform is Mailchimp, this platform has a ready-made email template that makes your work unique.

4. Social Media Marketing

Almost every one of us belongs to one social media platform or the other, this is why social media marketing is a skill that should be acquired.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process that involves the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to reach customers and generate sales, this also helps you connect well with your target audience, drive quality traffic and build a brand.

A large number of businesses all over the world depend on these social media platforms to grow their brand.

If you still don’t have any of these social media skills, this is the best time to learn them.

In social media marketing, understanding your target audience is very important and as well as the platforms that appeal to them and mastering how to use them. To make your job easier and smarter, there are special apps you can use to schedule posts.

Taking every great opportunity that comes your way as a business owner to build a better relationship with potential customers is very important

This is the more reason why community management goes very much hand-in-hand with social media skills.

5. Mobile Marketing

In today’s world, there’s an increase in mobile usage, this is why mobile marketing is another great method way to reach your target audience and grow your business.

This is another very lucrative business to start and a hot digital marketing skill that everyone can learn and master today.

In today’s world, almost every single thing done on the computer can be done effectively on a mobile device because consumers’ behavior has shifted towards mobile.

A lot of people spend more time on their smartphones.

Mobile marketing can be defined as a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy that helps advertisers to target their audiences on smartphones, and tablets via websites, email, MMS, SMS, social media, and apps.

This is why the need for mobile marketing is on the rise. Hence, it is a good skill to learn today.

With that being said, Mobile marketing can be quite challenging, but when you master the skill, you’ll stand out amongst your competitors.

If you are looking for high-income skills to learn in Nigeria today, I strongly recommend you learn mobile marketing.

6. Video Marketing

Videos are a great way of convincing your customers to see what service you are offering.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing can be defined as the creation of relevant and valuable content in the form of videos for social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, etc.

The internet space rewards creativity and valuable content. This is why you can start a YouTube channel in Nigeria and make a lot of money from it.

If a picture can be worth more than a thousand words, then you imagine the worth of a valuable video.

The ultimate goal behind a marketing video is to create motion content that leads to customer engagements that influence a customer to order your goods and services.

Big companies in the world today leverage video marketing to make their potential customers understand how their products and services work. So if video marketing is a skill you will like to consider then by all means go for it.

7. Web Data Analytics

Web analytics is another high-income digital skill that helps you to understand and analyze the behavior of website visitors.

There are so many analytic tools online, that have been developed to help you get real-time and accurate information about your website visitors, the time spent, web pages visited and so much more.

As a brand owner, this information can help you think and make excellent and valuable business decisions. This way it is advisable to seek the services of a web data analyst.

Below are Some top analytics tools;

•Google Analytics,



•Ahrefs etc.

8. Brand Story Telling

Brand storytelling might be a new digital marketing skill on the block but it is gaining momentum in the industry today. Amazing Stories has a special way of catching the target audience’s attention – because it connects to the audience at an emotional level.

In order words, storytelling is an effective way to drive customer engagement.

With storytelling, you can inspire a connection between a brand and its customers before they make a buying decision.

Perhaps you are good at storytelling, improve your skill and learn to develop compelling stories that appeal to your customers.

9. Content Writing

We have been asked severally “what is the most important digital marketing skill one can acquire”?

The right answer to this question is content writing, It is also one of the high-income skills to learn in Nigeria.

As you all know, every kind of marketing depends solely on content writing, but unfortunately, not every business owner understands the art of creating quality and relevant content that potential customers can relate to.

Most entrepreneurs hire professional content writers for their brands and project.

In Today’s world, companies are hiring professional content writers that can sell their brands positively via content writing. Good content helps potential customers and prospects take direct action about a product or service.

The beautiful thing about being a digital marketer is the freedom to work remotely. As an entrepreneur, you can easily tell your brand story to your audience in an interesting way, and you can do that through content marketing.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Another hot digital skill in demand that can earn you lots of money from the comfort of your bedroom is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the art of promoting or marketing a product to earn a commission from every product you sell.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the product owner determines the commission for every sale that is made before an affiliate marketer is registered for the program. One of the best affiliate platforms in Nigeria today is Expertionaire and it’s a platform that every digital marketer should be a part of.

11. UI/UX Design Skills

In the tech world today, UI/UX Design has become one of the most sought-after digital skills in Nigeria right now.

Sometimes, these two tend to be mistaken for each other. The full meaning of UX is “User Experience Design” while the meaning of UI is “User Interface Design”

What is the work of a UX or UI Designer?

A UX (User Experience) designer decides how the user interface functions while the work of the UI (User Interface) designer is to decide the appearance of the user interface.

When you learn and master this high-income skill, you can help big companies design websites and apps.

12. Digital Marketing Automation

Digital marketing automation can be defined as the use of software to effectively advertise products and services to reach multiple platforms while automating repetitive tasks.

To be at your best as a digital marketer, you can automate your social media posting and campaign as well as Email marketing.

There are so many automation tools you can find online, some of these tools include Hootsuite, Marketo, Buffer, HubSpot, Facebook Creative Studio, etc.

With these tools, you can schedule your posts for at least one week while you about your other business.

13. Web Design

Web design is the creation of websites for a brand to display its products as well as services to connect to its target audience. Web design has several aspects which include web page layout, graphic design, content production, etc.

Getting started with design is easier than you can even imagine.

Normally a digital marketer needs to master at least the basic art of web design platforms such as WordPress, and HTML/CSS.

14. Graphic Design Skill

It is no doubt that a high percentage of content used in the digital space requires graphic design. For this reason, it’s of great advantage when a digital marketer has graphic design skills.

Graphic design can be defined as the use of text, images, and illustrations to send a message to a target audience.

This is a skill that is very relevant and valuable in the tech industry. This is why you need to make it a habit of constantly updating your skill with the graphics design software available on the internet.

This important software includes CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, etc. You need to be familiar with this software as a business owner and digital marketer.

15. Influencer Marketing

One of the oldest digital skills that are still very relevant in the world today is Influencer marketing.

Online influencers make money when big companies and brands partner with them to create relevant contents that speak to their target audiences.

What is influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing involves the art of paying individuals and celebrities with large followings on social media to help promote and raise awareness about a brand.

Knowing how to connect with the right influencer in the right niche is a very important digital skill to have.


As a professional digital marketer, it is advisable to have a mix of Digital Marketing Skills because digital marketing skills are ever-evolving.

So if you want to stay on top of your game as a digital marketer, then you need to make sure all your digital skills are up-to-date.

You shouldn’t let your digital skill gap limit your digital marketing career.