How To Start A Music Studio In Nigeria

Starting a music studio in Nigeria is costly which there’s no fixed cost for a startup. All depends on the equipment you have, location and also your budget.

Starting a music studio in Nigeria  is a high paying business in Nigeria because of huge numbers of upcoming artistes and musicians in search of a good studio to get their albums produces to the music lovers. They are ready to pay for a perfect work when They know how talented you are on music production.

Owning a Music Recording Studio in Nigeria expose you to a great business opportunity which is capable of making you millions of Naira once you become famous in the Nigerian music production industry.

Starting a music studio requires technical skills, business plan,industry contacts and marketing.

If you have no knowledge of creating beats and recording audio but you are interested in the music recording studio business, you can employ professionals for a smooth business.

Benefits Of Starting A Music Studio In Nigeria

  • You get known by Fame once the albums produced goes viral with the name of your studio printed on the cover or when credit is given to the producer through voiceover.
  • You Make more money from sessions booked by artistes.

Things to be considered when starting a music studio in Nigeria

1. Working Environment

Consider opening a studio in a noise free environment not in a busy area or bus stop to avoid enternal noise from the passer by.

2. Studio Apartment

A good studio should have The lobby where friends and artists wait during recording session, the recording room where recording and instrumental take place and also the control room where studio equipments are kept.

3. Studio Equipments

The equipment is the main tools to be considered after the working Environment and the apartment because its helps in the recording and production of songs.

4. Business Plan

Gettinga business plan will guide you to the big dreams and also make you a famous music producer when every steps are written down as a business plan. If you can’t write you business plan, you can hire a specialist to do that why you pay a token.

5. Registration

To secure your business and studio name,you are to go ahead and register your business name as a music production company and gain a legal business permit from CAC which will also give you access to loans, insurance,etc. Because music production is all about writing and visual, you have to register with copyright society of Nigeria(COSON) and become a member which is Free. Doing this will give you opoopportun to get paid when yoir beats or productions is used.

7 Tools Needed In Starting A Music Studio In Nigeria

  1. Studio monitor
  2. Audio interface/DAW
  3. Microphones
  4. Midi controllers
  5. Headphones
  6. Mic stand
  7. Computer

How Much Does Its Cost To Start Up A Music Studio In Nigeria

Cost of setting up a music studio, in Nigeria depends on the types of the studio, mostly on the devices you are using which may be digital or analogy studio equipments;

  • Professional studio: this type of studio is for the popular musicians who have Make names in the music industry and much money to invest for a better recording, which cost minimum of 3,000,000 for a start up.
  • Semi-professional: its has a little different from the professional studio which they have all the equipment and cheap to be affordable for both famous musicians and upcoming artists. It cost minimum of 500,000 for a start up.
  • Home studio: this usually take place maybe in a bedroom or a single room in a living apartment. It has a low budget equipments and cheaper to be affordable by upcoming artists with low budget. Its cost 200,000 minimum for a start up.

Who is A Music Producer

A music producer is the person who supervise the processes when a music production is taken place in the studio.

What Is The Work Of A Music Producer

The music producer offers services on creating beats, mixing with the recording audio, checking for errors and having access to signing an artist to a Music Record Label.

How Much Does A Music Producer Makes In Nigeria

The amount of money makes by music producer is huge and vary base on the producer, but the minimum amount of money makes is in the range of 120,000 to 13,000000 in a year which tasks are excluded.

10 Qualities Of A Good Music Producer

  1. He must Punctual
  2. Have passion for music
  3. Must be ready to work anytime even at night.
  4. Must be a good adviser and instructor.
  5. He must understand everything on audio recording and editing.
  6. He must be able to contribute and edit lyrics from a music artistes.
  7. He must appears like a music producer with Costumes.
  8. He must be open for collaboration with others producers.
  9. He must be a good listener.
  10. He must be loyal.

Music production is a very profitable business that you can start and make millions of Naira within 3years . I strongly believe this article will help those searching on “How To Start A Music Studio In Nigeria”