Top 10 Business Ideas in Nigerian Music Industry

 Music production is trending every day and changes have been added to its for a smooth running of a successful music production business. In this article I will be listing mostly demand business ideas in today music industry.

1. An artistes Booker:

These particular business ideas is to be available for managing of booking of an artists for Live shows, concerts or gigs. You also act as a middle man between the artist, Record Label and Brand (who are ready to book ) in other to negotiable prices, dates and fee charges.

An artistes Booker are responsible for the in and out of the booking of equipment, colour combination, etc at the time of Live Performances. They can work as a freelancer to a Record Label or employ to the Brand.

Working as an artistes Booker doesn’t require any qualifications ; It’s only when you know what are you doing and also have connections in the Nigerian music industry.

2. Music Studio:

This is the most booming business ideas in Nigeria. They are a lot of upcoming Artistes in need of a good music studio to produce their songs which you make money per session booked.Its only need a few things to start up.

3. Music Tutor:

Are you talented on singing and playing of musical instruments? There’s a chance that you can make thousands of Naira for tutoring upcoming Artistes on how to master singing, song writing and playing of musical instruments.

To get students, you need to advertise yourself online and offline through social media ads and flyers. Apart from hosting a one and one music tutorial, you can create a video tutorial to your  YouTube channel for free while making money from it.

4. Music Promoter:

The work of a music Promoter is to circulate the songs or events to the music Lovers through social media,blog, Television or Radio. They are responsible for the organizing of concerts to bring in profits through pay tickets.

They work hand-in-hand with the music manager in the planning and setting of events. They agree to a fix dates and bring in a good venue that will work most, base on the type of events.

5. Video Director: 

Music video director work is to convert the lyrics of the songs to a visual through acting and painting. Qualifications is not require but you must master the art of film making. Try as much as possible to know the basics skills on how to handle a camera and also the  editing aspect to guide you when directing.

6. The Entertainment Lawyer:

These particular business ideas is for the professional. The reasons why I add this, is because a music industry can’t never Make its without this set of professional. They help and guide in the production of useful contents both music and videos. They make sure all contents are legal and also undergoing a screening before it’s launch to the music Lovers.

7. The Artistes Or Musicians: 

As a music Artiste or musician, you are the one who bring in what is bringing in money in the music industry. What you sing is what everyone is hearing from. To become a famous music Artiste,you must master the skills of song writing and singing. As a music Artiste you make huge amount of money when you got a Record Label signed.

8.  Offering Disc Jockey Service:

Disc Jockey also known as DJ as a lot of categories under it,which you have to chose which one you are good in, whether you are focusing on an all-rounder No limit, crebible all-rounder or A One genre Disc Jockey,etc.

In Explanation;

  • An all-rounder DJ play all the genre of music to please the audience. Sometimes, they focus on the trending Songs and newly released music.
  • Crebible all-rounder focus on the audience need by giving them the songs they mentioned with fully remixes pattern.
  • Once Genre DJ as the name implied focus on a Genre of music.

To makes it as a Disc Jockey in Nigeria,you must be a specialized and build connections with word of mouth and hosting of Live shows.

9. Song Writer:

This is the most demanding skills in the music industry. Some of the top musician have run out  of what to sing which they will need a service of a song writer for a good lyrics that matches with their genre. I want you to know that there’s money in this business ideas. Even some Record Label order a service of a song writer to write a songs or help in the completion of an albums.

10. Record Label:

The most Booming business ideas in Nigeria. If you don’t have talents on the above skills or you don’t want to showcase your face, you can start a music studio instead and still make huge amount of money.


There are a lot of business ideas to start in the Nigerian Music Industry. The above are some of the profitable business ideas to start today.

Do you have any questions or business ideas to add?

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