Key Points To Gain A Nigerian Record Label Signing

Are you ready to present your talents to a Nigerian Record Label today?
If yes or No, bear it in mind that a Record Label don’t signed an artist for signing sake but they look at someone who worth the work and ready to commit with the brand for the success of the Label.
I really know that you can’t gain a signed deal without  investigation of your background, musical skills and also how far you are going in your music career.
There are a lot of reasons why upcoming Artistes are not getting a Record Label Signings.
In this article, I will be listing some of the main keys that a Record Label look for in the Nigerian Music Industry.

1. Legal Records:

These are those forms of issues that is against the law of the country. They check if your name was blacklist in your country, home town,etc. Some common issue are drugs Abuse ( which are not legalized but you got catch with), Criminal record, and Cultism.

2. How Passionate Are You?

Record Label ask some few questions like;
  • Where do you want to see yourself in 3 years Time?
  • If music career don’t work for you,what will be your next move and reasons?
  • If you make it in your career who will you meet in the music industry and why?
With the above questions, they track and have a great study and passion you have base on your answers.

3. Loyalty:

Any forms of business that as to do with partnership need 80% Loyalty from each parties in other to build a successful business. Music Industry is a big and booming business here in Nigeria that need a strong team to build a great brand. Record Label’s personnel are not ready to work with someone who will wake up tomorrow and quite without staying to the deal dates. They can never worked with someone who is right at everything without obtaining advise from others. So, Let Loyalty dwell in you and your dealing!

4. What is your Moved?

They look for your Songs and study your lyrics to know how you match them with the beats to form something meaningful to hear in form of music. Make sure your songs doesn’t contents illegal words that invoke or showcase nudity. They also looks on how long you have been in your music career.

5. Do He or She Have A Strong Fan base?

This particular one is always my advice when it comes to music career because Record Label can’t invest money on a music Artiste who doesn’t have a strong fans online. Your social media handle should always be your number one option when it comes to promotion.
Its does not means having huge numbers of followers (bot followers) without engagement on posts.
Record Label can’t never invest money to a person who doesn’t know how to get started. So you have to play your part by growing an interactive social media profiles that will prove to them that you knows what you do and your songs either entertain, motivate or inspired people to follow up and engaged on your posts.

6. How much money can take you to the top and what are your strategy?

They asked this particular questions to know your long-term plan on your career. Your answers to this question give them the results of theirs investment on you.
Music Industry is about team work which a label can’t make it without the support of the team players in the music Label. Bear it in mind that as a music Artists,you give them what they want through singing, song writing and contributing to the success of the brand.


Record Label signing is the sweetest dreams of some upcoming Artistes which they find it hard to attend the requirements. So, the above key points explained in details what they did wrong and how to gain the Recording Label signing in a few steps.
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