Mistake Makes By Music Artists And How To Overcome Them

A lots of upcoming Artistes have been sending me a mail, asking me about ways on how to start a successful music career without any errors. So, I have to bring in this article to enlighten you on some of the mistakes make by upcoming music Artiste and how to overcome them.

Music career is a competitive career where mostly young people want to go in because of how profitable it is. Some moved the wrong way which they later regrets and quiet while others makes its at the end.

Not that they didn’t invest money in the right source, it’s because of the tips I will be listing below and I will also be sharing the solutions on how to avoid them.

Top 6 Mistakes Made By Upcoming Music Artistes

1. Waiting For Manna

This is the top mistake I found almost on every upcoming Artistes. They have the mindset that they will got a sponsor and got a Label signed once they drop their songs. They Skip promotion and look around for free promotion, Free beats, etc.

2. Cheap Offers

They are not ready to invest because they have a mindset that paying a huge amount of money to a producer is waste of money instead they decide to patronize a cheap producer who don’t master the skills. A lot of them are always waiting to hear about a new launch music studio with promo, so they can spend less money. Some source for free beats to mix with their songs and forget about that music is a competitive career.

3. Greediness

The one to fly alone and chop alone. Forgetting that collaboration is what move artists forward in the music industry now a days. Music is about investing your money and expect earning tomorrow, but this group of artists are hoping to work on their social media handle, and blogging theirs songs which they later overwhelmed with work and quite.

4. Social Media Profiles

Some thinks social media handle are not important for now, that they don’t have money and still hope on getting paid on their YouTube channel before investing the money to other social media platforms. They are less active and not ready to study which social media platform works for them. Also, They are only active when they drop a new song.

5. I Too Know(ITK)

These set of artists knows everything about music and not ready to take advise from others. They have the mentality of joining a higher level cult group to be able to make its. They also believe of leaving in a big city like Lagos to be famous as a music artists.

6. No Source Of Income

Hmm… Almost 80% upcoming artists that contact me are broke. No work and no money¬† but they still believe they will be famous and make more money¬† within 6 months as soon as they drop their songs.

Things To Be Taking Note As An Upcoming Music Artistes.

Genres And Lyrics

At first, try to know which part you are good and the genre you are to focus on. Don’t Sing that genre of music because of the popularity. Focus your tension on the one you are good in and master for perfection.Truly said, Nigerian Love music but they can’t choose the ones they need until the hear the songs. So, my advice here is to write the best lyrics and sing in the genre that you have passion for to avoid being regrets about the genre.

Promotional Handles

social media profiles should all settled for a good move because 75% of your fans will be found online. For now, you don’t have much money to invest on all your social media platforms. I advise that you create them and choose few you will be focusing on.

Remains active and share posts as well as commenting on others posts. If you don’t have time updating them you can employ a social media manager to assist you run them for a successful Exposure to the wider world.

Make social media your number one promotion platforms before going to sponsoring your songs on popular blogs.

Patience Never Kills

Yes, be patient.sometime its didn’t work the ways you Plan out. Bear in mind that you will soon make it in a few days.

If you found out there’s no improvement, figure out what you did wrong and correct them.

Look For The Best

Avoid Cheap things and promo focus on the specialist and check out his or her profolio to learn more about the past work produced by him or her.

Have a nice artworks, beats and a good Producer that wil not only gives you what you need but knows what he is doing.

Know your steps

Have a well written plan as well as having a source of income. (Here, I mean a good source of income.). Try to figure out where you are heading to and the exact time you will be earning from your music career.


There’s a lot to be considered when starting a music career, the above is just a brief tips on mistake Makes by upcoming artists and how to become them.

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