How To Become A Musician-Start A Music Career In Nigeria and make more money today

To Become a Musician in Nigeria is what majority of Young Adults are searching for, that’s why I bring in this article to give you the top ways to become a successful Musician in Nigeria.

Music is the art of expressing words in an emotional thought that rhythm with the beat. According To Wealthresult,” Nigerians Music worth $47 millions dollars and will double in 2020″.

So, The Music Industry is a place full of talented performers and money making opportunity, as Nigerian loves Music and they are ready to pay the price to listen to the tune the loves.

How Do Want Become A Musician In Nigeria?

To Become a musician, you must start from being an artist. A music Artists is a person who writes, perform and release music by himself/herself or with a Record Label to be distributed world wide. While, A Musician is a person who Compose,sing and also perform Music as a profession.
Going to the studio to record your songs is very simple, but you have to take note of the lyrics and the genre of music you are good on.
Let’s go in to the main processes;

Key Points To Start A Successful Music Career In Nigeria.

I see Music Career as easy to start but hard to end well when you are not seeing any profits from your songs. Have you ever wonder why others makes it to the end and also known for their performance while getting signed by label and brands? 
It depends on the steps and how they get started. Everything is all about money but when you have a mindset of influencing people positively in your songs that will surely get you to your dream while money comes later.
You want to be famous in a year but do you have the right strategies that will work you out from the beginning to the end?
Below Steps will get you started;
  1. Think Long-Term.
  2. Have A Good Source Of Income.
  3. Learn The Pattern.
  4. Vibe The Songs.
  5. Start Recording.
  6. Begins Promotion.
  7. Collaborate with others.

1. Think Long-Term

How long are you going to be in this career?
Have a written business plan that will guide you on the steps to reach your music career goals, Include lists of top Musician you will be featuring and also the strategies that will take you to the top.

2. Have A Source Of Income

Choose music as a side business. Spent time raising your business to the stage that will bring in money to invest in your music career. A lots of upcoming Artistes go into music career without a plan or sponsored.
Do you have what is bringing money to you,daily,weekly or monthly?
Don’t just be on the rush to start. Set up a strategies and make sure you have where money is flowing in before you go into music.

3. Learn The Pattern

Here, I talk about the lyrics and review gotten from your competitors’ Social media timeline.
Lyrics is what makes a nice song. Are you able to write down a nice song that inspire,entertain or motivate others? I say , “money is in the lyrics”
Lyrics is what people cares about,what are you singing,what categories are you into and what lyrics is moving well in that categories?
Ask yourself this questions and carry survey by studying others top musicians on your categories,what they sing ,the lyrics and what their fans say about their songs. This is how to do it;
=> Go to theirs social media handle, scroll through their posts.
=> And find out a post about the  launching of their song.
Go through the comments and see the review by their followers and learn more about what people are complaining  on the video, beat or the lyrics aspects. Doing this often and taking into consideration by not making the mistake they do will make you standout as well as giving more followers that likes what you sing.

4. Vibe The songs

When you are done Writing the lyrics of the song, the next step is to vibe the songs. Practice it every day to perfect the songs. Start With the use of free beats on your gernes and sing along while the beats is play in the background.
Another step is to get your own beats produce for you by a music producer. The reasons why I recommend getting your own beats is for you to stand-out as a professional, Because there are a lot of competitors in the music industry. Getting your own beats is perfect which create an opportunity for you both as a professional and also open opportunity to Record Label signing.

5. Start Recording

It is time to record your first song. Go to the nearest Recording Studio with good equipments and specialist to get your song recorded. 
The process is easy,just buy a session and give them your beats for them to do the necessary while you sing along with the beat. Recording Studio works is to mix the Audio and beats together.

6. Begins Promotion

Your songs is now ready to be hear by the public. So, is now time to share it to the world to hear through promotion. Have a social media profiles and get your songs distributes to the local Radio station.
This is the key,after creating a nice music that is worth to be hearing. Don’t do  what others musicians are doing because they already have fans and big in the industries. This is what will determine your growth, you need to spend money promoting your songs and getting it to your audience. Put your song on audiomask, boomplay and other platforms. Go to 2 famous music download website and pay for promotions. Check this blog for the next post on “how to promote your songs as an upcoming artist with #20,000 Naira and gain alots of stream online”.

7.Collaborate with others

Collaboration is what will take you to the top in the music industry, because it showcase you to the other Music Artiste’s fan which brings in familiarity.
But at start, you need to know who you collaborate with and reasons why you chose him/her instead of others.
The secret is that, as an upcoming artists you need a top Musician or top upcoming Artistes that have lots of fan base and also good in singing.( In which you need him/her voice for backup or rap).

What qualifications do you need to be in the music industry?

The Music industry is a broad sector which includes producing,distributing, launching,tuning and advertising. To become successful in the Music industry, you need to be train in Music and Marketing.
The main aims of a Music industry is to bring in entertainments through visual and Audio to educate and entertain people which the industry makes money when the produces what people likes.

The 3 main Qualifications To Become Successful In The Music Industry

  • Technical skills.
  • Personal Skills.
  • College Degree
• Technical Skills: This one goes mainly to the producers and Audio engineers which you need to go for extenship to be train on how to handle studio equipments.
• Personal Skills: These as to do with the ability to sing, write a song and compose a song to match with the beat.  Also the ability of interacting with others at anytime.
• College Degree: It is sometimes not compulsory but will really take you to the top if you got a school degree.

How Do I Get Paid As A Musician?

This is the main reason why majority of upcoming Artistes failed and quite Music Career.
I advise you to focus on your passion why setting up the processes for a better earning on your Songs. Below is the lists of ways Musician make money in Nigeria;
  1. Record Label signing.
  2. Live Events.
  3. Online Streaming Sites.
1. Record Label Signing: This is the biggest dreams of some Artistes. Getting a Record Label signing is the best, because they will take cares of the promotion, production and also pay you percentage for the Songs and Lives Show you appears on. 
2. Live Events: When you are able to attract attention through your music and people likes your pattern of music then it is time to give them access to meet you face-to-face through a concert why paying for a ticket to gain access. This particular one work on the number of tickets sold. You must first study your fans location using social media’ arllogarim and rent a Hall base in the location in which  majority of your fans are located and host a concert which they pay a fee for the ticket to gain access to the concert hall. 
3. Online Streaming Sites:
You make money once you reach their threshold. They offers commission on each person that stream your songs and views their sponsored ads. Example of such online platforms are Audiomack, YouTube,iTune, Boomplay,etc.
Note: Some of this music streaming platforms don’t allow earning for Nigerian.

How musicians and upcoming artists Make money in Nigeria

 Do you know Nigerian music artists are making a lots of money every day? This section give you the secret to make passive income in your music career even if you are an upcoming artists.

The following explain in detail ways Nigerian musicians make money;

YouTube Channel

Once you upload your songs to YouTube and gain the requirements. You will be approve into YouTube Partnership Program wrre they will pay per ads shown on your videos and click on the ads.


  1. You must use a copyright free beat.
  2. You must attend the age of 18+ before you are accepted to the YouTube Partnership Program.
  3. You must reach the requirements of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to be to monetize with YouTube Partnership Program.
  4. Its need huge numbers of views on videos before you can make a reasonable amount of income.


  • It is a passive stream of income (that’s you make money even when you are offline)

Sponsorships ads:

When you have huge numbers of social media followers and engagement on posts, you will get sponsor posts from brand and music artists to advertise on your social media timeline.


  1. Its takes time to grow huge numbers of followers and posts engagement.
  2. You must be online and Post often.
  3. You also need to reach out to brand for sponsor post.
  4. Can be ban if you post Spam and prohibited stuff.


  1. You make money weekly
  2. You gain visibility which connect you to Record Label signing.

Record Label:

Every upcoming music artists dreams is to gain a deal to sign into a Record Label signing. They paid well and promote you to reach a wider audience.


  1. You must have huge numbers of social media followers.
  2. Make sure your lyrics/songs is legit with no error.
  3. Come up with your style of music.

You reach out to Record Label and showcase your talent.


  1. You make more money
  2. Gain visibility.
  3. They handle cost of promotions and requirements.

Lives Show:

Hosting a lives Show paid most often when you know the State that your target audience are through Instagram Alogarithms from there you get to know more about your target audience and later proceed by hosting a lives Show which you sale a ticket and make thousands naira. In conclusion, being invited to perform on stage at lives event.


  1. Selling tickets depends on the numbers of active fanbase you have.
  2. Expensive


  1. Profitable if you have huge followers
  2. Gain popularity
  3. Gain financial supporter

How much do musicians make per song in Nigeria?

The amount of money make per song depends on how popular and streams the song gain from online music streaming platforms like YouTube channel, Audiomack, Boomplay,etc in which the musicians put his or her songs for downloading and gain Revenue from its.

NOTE: After releasing a songs you need a good promotion to get the songs spread to the world.

I hope this article give solution to the question on how to start a music career in Nigeria.